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Danièle Starenkyj




Author, philosopher,

translator, public speaker

Danièle Starenkyj, born in Strasbourg, France, is an internationally known French author. She has written 20 books on health, nutrition and education. She is specialized in women concerns such as natural child spacing, pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and menopause. Some of her books have been read and commented by very well known French personalities as Princess Caroline of Monaco, Madame Alain Juppé, journalist and wife of Prime Minister of France Alain Juppé (1996), Prime Minister of France Pierre Maurois (1983), Minister of Social Affairs Denis Lazure of the Government of Quebec (1980).

Danièle Starenkyj is a graduate of Laval University in Quebec City (Bachelor of Arts, major in Philosophy), and a master program student in philosophy at McGill University in Montreal. She has a certificate in hygiene and dietetic from the Institut de psychosomatique naturelle in Lausanne (Switzerland) under the umbrella of the International Federation for Public Health in Europe. She also has a certificate in normal and pathologic sexology from the Institut de Culture Humaine (France). In 2011, she followed with success the program for the certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition with Dr. Colin Campbell, author of the The China Study.

Since her fisrt book in 1972, she has become a well-known author in Canada, in the West Indies, and in Europe. She has given numerous lectures and seminars since more than three decades and has been invited to many radio and television programs in Canada, the West Indies, the United States and France. She has also lectured in universities : Université Laval (Québec), Université de Montréal, Bishop University (Sherbrooke).

In 1996, two of her books on women’s health and psychology have been translated in English : Menopause : A New Approach and Woman’s True Desire. She had the privilege to present these books on Voice of America and in various seminars in Washington, D.C., (1997), in Staunton, Virginia (1998, 1999), in Chicago (2006), in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (2007,2008), in Red Deer, Alberta (2014). She has also addressed TOPS clubs (Taking Off Pounds Sensibly), The Infertility Awareness Association of Canada in Ottawa and The Lennoxville and District Women’s Center in Sherbrooke, Québec (2012, 2013). One of her books (Les cinq dimensions de la sexualité féminine) has been translated in Romanian, and now Woman’s True Desire is also available in Czech (2008).

Since 1972, her books have had great success on the international French market and since 1996, the English market is now enjoying these two inspiring books. Her readers are captivated by her style. Over the years, she has become an authority in the matter of natural health principles, and has specialized in whole foods, hypoglycemia, obesity, and women health topics. Her commitment to womanhood and the family, obvious in her books Woman’s True Desire and Menopause : A New Approach, is born out her personal losses with several children and her patient listening to the pains and joys of numerous women through the years.

Because of her special interest in the family, Danièle Starenkyj has had the privilege to be the French translator of the books of the well-known American psychiatrist Dr. Ross Campbell from Chattanooga, Tennessee : How to Really Love your Child, How to Really Love your Teenager, Your Child and Drugs, Children in Anger, Proactive Parenting.

She has also translated the book of Dr. Robert C. Barns of Sheridan House Single Parenting, Dr. Archibald D. Hart’s book Unmasking Male Depression, Lawrence Yeagley’s manual Grief Recovery.

The Animal Connection and Eat for Strentgh by Drs. Agatha and Calvin Thrash were the first books she translated and adapted from English into French. In 2014-2015, she has translated the fascinating book Gray Matter by Dr. David I. Levy, a vascular neurosurgeon.

Danièle Starenkyj is a well-loved public speaker. She likes to respond to the needs of her public, and is ready to address any subject in the realm of her competence. Here are some titles of her recent lectures and seminars given in English :

- A Kyoto for love : How to stop the war of the sexes
- How to be a real happy woman in the 21st century
- The normal events of sexual life : Their impact on the couple
- How to handle male and female midlife crises
- Are we doing all we can (to fight infertility) ?
- Eat, be not hungry, get thin
- Simply live your best life (with simplicity in nutrition, leisure, and relationship)
- Emotional trauma and its impact on your health (What do you do for a broken heart ?)
- Understanding your relationship to food (How to be free from food obsessions, the compulsion of dieting, excess weight)

Danièle Starenkyj is married since 1968 to Stefan Starenkyj, an architect, a publisher, and a successful representational and marine artist. They have two adult children and three grand-children. They live in the country, in the beautiful Eastern Townships, in Québec, Canada.

To reach her :

Danièle Starenkyj C.P. 1280 Richmond, Qc J0B 2H0 Canada
Phone : 819.848. 2888
Email :

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